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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Kelly and Eric’s wedding

On Saturday, Kelly and Eric got married. It was beautiful. Here are just a few pics that we thought we would share. This is Kelly getting ready with her sister, … Continue reading

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Kelly’s Bridal Shower

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kelly, Leah and Adrienne at the salon while we got beautified for the wedding on Saturday. Then, in the afternoon, … Continue reading

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Another Blog

Although it may seem strange to blog about a blog, I just wanted to let everyone know about a blog I started a few months ago, that chronicles my skiing … Continue reading

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Quadra and Cortes Islands

On August long weekend we went to Quadra and Cortes Island. It was very nice. It’s hard to see in this picture, but the mountains in the background are very … Continue reading

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Harvey the Cat

Our cat Harvey. He’s a little lazy… …and a little overweight… …but we love him all the same.

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Denman and Hornby Island

We bought a new tent!   And this was our first trip using it. We had a nice time.   Of course a lot of pottery was purchased.   The … Continue reading

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bad-ass neighbourhood cat

there is this cute/sad cat in our neighbourhood who looks like they’ve had a rough go at life. but it’s very friendly and adorable and I can’t help but want … Continue reading

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Avatar Grove

in June we decided to go check out this rainforest called Avatar Grove, out past Kirby Creek. It was very damp and wild and had some big trees.  

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Thetis Island

We decided to explore as many islands this summer as possible. Not sure why, but we decided to start with Thetis Island on the May-long weekend. There was very little … Continue reading

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where to start

so we decided to start a blog. and now here we are. a few things you can expect to find here are pictures of our cat, pictures from our trips, … Continue reading

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