our adventures


A couple weeks ago we went to Toronto (well Stouffville technically) to visit Larry and Sarah and to celebrate my cousin Hollis’s birthday.


It was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures. Well that’s not entirely true, somehow I still managed to take 8 pictures of PK.


But we had such a great time. We feasted and we drank and we told stories until we realized the birthday girl had snuck off and put herself to bed, then we all followed suit.

The next day we woke up to a chilly fall morning full of sunshine. Kirby and I went out to say hi to the horses. They weren’t impressed that we had forgotten to bring them food.



The beautiful sunshine and fall weather inspired me to take some artsy pictures.


(the picture below is taken from inside the barn, looking out the half door)


And before we left, Larry and Sarah took us out for brunch at the Tin Mill in nearby Uxbridge. The food and service was fantastic. I also remembered at this point that I should take a picture. Look at these well behaved gentlemen (John, Kirby and Larry):


And of course the ladies (Sarah and Hollis):


And back in Ottawa, we are enjoying some nice fall weather. Just look how pretty this city is!


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