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Laughing in up-state NY

On Friday Kirby and I took the day off and drove about 5 hours south to Troy in up-state New York to see a comedian named Mike Birbiglia. Kirby and I have been fans of Birbigs for quite some time now so we were pretty excited. The drive down through the Adirondacks was really nice and we took the scenic route through quaint little towns.


We made a few stops along the way to grab coffee and stretch our legs and eat bananas (because that’s where bananas should be eaten, down wind on the side of the road).


When I was looking for a place to stay I didn’t see much in Troy so instead I booked us a room at the Gideon Putnam resort in Saratoga Springs. It was absolutely stunning in its New England glory.


Kirby kept making jokes about The Shining and I must have woken up about 100 times throughout the night expecting to see an axe wielding Jack Nicholson next to the bed. But it’s okay, next time we go back I’ll take him horse back riding and we’ll be even.


After we checked in to the hotel we continued on to Troy which is an adorable little town where all of the shops close at 4:30pm on a Friday.


So unfortunately, by the time we got there and started wandering around, everything was pretty much closed. So we walked the beautiful old streets, grabbed a wonderful dinner and then headed over to the Troy theatre for the show. It was a lovely old theatre that held about a thousand people and we were in the front row of the balcony.


The next day we went in to Saratoga Springs for breakfast and found downtown Saratoga Springs to be really quaint. We are really looking forward to going back and checking it out more.


And in case you were curious to see some Mike Birbiglia, here is a youtube clip of some of his stand-up.

One comment on “Laughing in up-state NY

  1. Danielle Ducharme
    March 25, 2014

    very funny. The banana looks good.

    did you have coffee at the skidoo on the roof place We are in Siem Reap visitimg beautiful impressive temples. xx Maman

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