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My dad turned 65

Last weekend we celebrated my dad’s 65th birthday. It was an intimate celebration with family and friends, the best kind of birthday party.


The afternoon started off with some cards and catching up with my uncle Larry.


Sylvie and I had shared some ideas on ways to make the day special and she was able to find an amazing array of photos of Bill and put them on display.


It made for great conversation.


I mean look at this amazing picture of my dad from 1974 (he’s the one on the right).


It was a great day filled with delicious food and good conversation.


As per usual, Sylvie made an amazing meal (chicken meatloaf!).


Bill opened a few gifts and we enjoyed some delicious cake and toasted the birthday boy.


It’s so nice to spend this time with family, especially my dad. We are very lucky to have him. He’s the greatest.

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