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Summer vacation in Maine

This winter my mom took the initiative to rent a house on the coast of Maine for the last week of July. This family vacation included my mom, Beorn and Sabrina and their two boys Parker and Crosby, Sabrina’s mom Bridgett and her partner Yves, and Kirby and myself. So in case you’re counting, that’s 7 adults, 2 children and 1 bathroom.

We hit the road early Monday morning and drove across up-state New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in a light rain. We stopped and took a few pictures in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.


It was late when we arrived in Saco on Monday so we crashed almost right away. Tuesday morning Kirby, mom and I went to the pier in Old Orchard Beach to check it out.


It was overcast, but otherwise a beautiful day.


Everything was closed in Old Orchard so we hit the road and headed to Salem, Massachusetts. We popped into REI on our way, then went to check out the town.

Salem is known for the witch trials of 1692 and there are a lot of monuments and art pieces around downtown to commemorate this history.



We visited the memorial site for the witch trials and it made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


When we got back to Saco we went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood.


Wednesday was sunny and hot. Kirby, mom and I went to check out Portland in the morning. The farmer’s market was running that morning so we thought we’d grab breakfast and start there.


We wandered around the area and I looked for pottery. Portland Maine is very cute!


It even has its own cool donut shop where they make donuts out of mashed potatoes (the maple bacon were the best).


After taking in the sights in Portland we headed back to Saco to hit the beach. It was perfect weather for jumping in the Atlantic ocean.


So Kirby and Beorn jumped in while Parker and I played in the sand.


For dinner that night mom wanted to treat us all to fresh lobster. So we wandered around to a few of the fresh lobster vendors and finally found some at this great place.


They even lent us a big pot to cook the lobster. We brought them back and tried to show the kids.


Needless to say, they weren’t too impressed. But the adults were very pleased with their meal (not Sabrina of course, but at least she didn’t run away).


That evening we all went for a sunset walk. It was our last night all together.


On Thursday morning Beorn and Sabrina packed the kids into the car and Yves and Bridgett packed their van and they all headed back home. So Kirby, mom and I went for a nice long walk.


The scenery was stunning.


Later that afternoon Kirby and I headed back to Portland to see a band called Fleet Foxes perform at an outdoor venue where we also enjoyed a light dinner.


It was a great show and a great night.


I have to say, it may have been the smallest house in all of Saco Maine, but it sure was exactly what we needed. What a perfect family vacation.



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