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Christmas 2017

Well this year was no different, I blinked and all of a sudden Christmas had come and gone. The festive season started for us in early December when Kirby put up our first set of Christmas lights on the house.


We decided to start simple and slowly add over the years. Still, this was a pretty fun first for us.


And I think it’s a little telling the fact that the only picture of our Christmas tree is this one.


Still, it was a pretty nice tree.

On the 24th we headed off to Bill and Sylvie’s to celebrate with them and Sylvie’s sister Isabelle. We enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner prepared by Sylvie then opened our gifts.


We were all spoiled, as per usual.


The feasting continued with cheese and gourmet buche de noel.


After all of the indulging we decided to go out for a “brisk” walk.


It was a beautiful night for a walk, even if it was too cold for my camera to function properly…

The next morning we enjoyed a delicious Christmas morning breakfast then hit the road to Magog. We enjoyed a quiet afternoon and mom and I started our annual Christmas puzzle.


On the 26th Kirby had to head back to Ottawa because he had to work the next day. In the afternoon my brother showed up with Sabrina and their two boys, Parker and Crosby.


The boys had fun opening their presents and helping us with ours. Later in the afternoon family started pouring in for dinner and festivities.


It’s always so nice to see everyone.


This year during the gift exchange someone had the *brilliant* idea to sing a song before opening every gift. I took a few videos and this is by far my favourite.

The next day was another chilly one but a bunch of us got bundled up and went for a walk in the forest.


Even the mountain looked cold.


On the 28th mom had everyone over again for lunch to celebrate grand maman’s 89th birthday.


After lunch people slowly shuffled out and the festivities began to wind down. I had a nice quiet day at the house and Kirby came to get me and we headed back to Ottawa on the Saturday after he enjoyed a frozen day of skiing at Mont Orford.

We came home to a very needy and affectionate cat. I’m not sure who missed who more.




Happy 2018 everyone!


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