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Spring fun

We’ve had a fairly eventful spring so I figured I’d catch us all up in one blog post. First, I’ll start with Emerson’s visit over Easter.

Emerson came to stay with us for nine days in early April. We started her visit with some light trespassing to look at the RCMP stables.


Next we went to the butterfly exhibit at the Nature Museum. It was quite spectacular.

After the butterflies we checked out the rest of the museum. Kirby was not impressed with how many pictures he was being featured in… But look at him carrying my jacket and scarf because I was too hot. What a nice husband.


After the museum we went on the mandatory tour of Parliament Hill.


The next day we left for Magog. When we arrived we headed over to the cabane à sucre and managed to convince Emerson that she had to try the sap right out of the bucket.



Then we got to indulge in some maple toffee on snow. I ate so much I managed to give myself a good tummy ache.


After all the sugar we were put to work. I can’t remember exactly what we were doing, but Kirby does “looking cool” like it’s a full time job.


While in the townships we asked Beorn and Sabrina to show Emerson around Bishop’s campus.


The weather wasn’t very warm but I think Emerson enjoyed the tour. After Magog we spent a day in Montreal on our way back to Ottawa. We had a quick bite to eat in Chinatown and a short walk around old Montreal.


Then we went to the top of the mountain to get a nice view of the city.


I can tell by this picture that Kirby had just about reached his quota for pictures for that day.

After Montreal we hung out in Ottawa for the rest of her visit and played a lot of rummy while bonding with Stanley.


In early May we travelled to Montreal for Sylvie’s birthday. To celebrate, the four of us went bowling in this classic bowling alley my dad frequents.


And I actually did pretty good!


But my dad was the true champion.


Then we went back to the house for dinner and played a very serious game of cards.


Later in May Kirby got an official offer for a permanent job with the federal government. Kirby had been waiting for this news for several months and we were both ecstatic that Kirby would finally have job security, sick days, a pension and vacation days. So in true Kirby fashion, he decided to commemorate this accomplishment with a new tattoo.


And then we went for a fancy dinner to celebrate.


And Stanley thought he should show off his good looks.


For the May long weekend, my mom and Michael came over to help us put our garden in. We planted raspberries, tomatoes, pumpkins and potatoes.


And after they left Kirby helped me plant peas and set up a trellis.


Even Stanley “helped.”


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