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Summer 2018 – in retrospect

It seems fitting that I would be writing a blog about the summer on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a nice reminder of all the things we are grateful for.

I had a fairly busy summer traveling for work, but we still managed to fill the rest of the time with visits and adventures. In June, right after I came back from Brazil, Don and Elayne came for a visit.


We played lots of cards. We also went for a drive out to Mississippi Mills and Perth.


Don gave Kirby some tips on how to mow the lawn.


And there was a little relaxing as well.


It was a very nice visit.

A couple weeks after Don and Elayne left, I celebrated a birthday. And for some reason I had the brilliant idea to get a bunch of dental work done the day before. So instead of going out to enjoy a nice meal, we stayed home and kept it simple.


That weekend we went to Montreal to see Jethro Tull because Bill had bought us all tickets for my birthday. We had a lot of fun.


A couple weeks after my birthday we went through the adoption process to add to our furry family. We adopted George at about 3 months of age.


Stanley was not too impressed when we brought him home.


And it’s definitely been a work in progress for these two.


I spent most of August in Australia and Papua New Guinea but when I got back we made it out to the Vankleek Hill Fair for their demolition derby.


And the next weekend we went to the National Art Gallery to take in a different kind of culture.


Meanwhile, George continued to wiggle himself into our hearts. And crotches.


In early September we went to Rochester New York to see a stand up comic called Gary Gullman. It was our first time in Rochester and we found it to be quite charming.


We spent most of Saturday walking around the city taking in the architecture. And as luck would have it, the Clothesline Festival was taking place in Rochester. It was by far the largest artisan festival I have ever seen, it was amazing.


So we wandered the festival for a few hours, then headed back to the hotel to change. Kirby had scheduled himself a tattoo appointment before the show so we popped over there for a few hours.


Then we went to the show and laughed our buts off. And as much fun as we had doing all of these things, nothing compared to the 10 minutes I spent laughing uncontrollably after we found the most amazing shop ever.


So I took a few dozen photos.


What a steal!

And because we were in America, we decided to have the most un-healthy breakfast we could find.


When we got home, George continued to worm his way into our hearts.


He’s quite the little monster, so it’s a good thing he’s so cute.

2 comments on “Summer 2018 – in retrospect

  1. Elayne
    October 8, 2018

    I’ll get you for that (sleeping picture) Gab but all in all enjoyed your blog. Elayne

  2. Isabelle
    December 27, 2018

    He is so beautiful 🙂

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