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Easter in Portland (part 1)

At the top of our list of things to do before we leave Victoria was to visit Portland one last time. We often joke that what we will miss the most about Victoria is Portland. So we were really looking forward to spending 2 full days in the city over the Easter long-weekend. We left Friday morning, caught the ferry over to Port Angeles and had a nice 4.5 hour drive.


After we checked in to the hotel we walked up to a part of Portland we’d never been to called Nob Hill. It was really nice.


I wandered around while Kirby got a tattoo. It took a bit longer than expected so I took myself out for dinner then walked to Voodoo Doughnuts which is a very popular 24 hour doughnut shop. If you can believe it, I showed up around 9pm on Friday and the line-up was over a block long and I waited at least 35 minutes for 2 doughnuts.



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