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Musée des beaux-arts – Montréal

Last weekend we went to Montreal to take in the Chihuly exhibit and the International Free Ski Movie Festival (iF3).


Chihuly is a glass blower from the Pacific Northwest who makes spectacular glass sculptures and installations and unfortunately, our pictures just don’t do the art justice.





And then after Chihuly, my dad, Kirby and I went for a nice lunch and then to the Free Ski Movie Festival. We saw 3 films, the first was short (about 15 minutes), the second was good (and about 30 minutes) and the last film, Valhalla, was the best (and about an hour).


After the film we headed back to Bill and Sylvie’s, enjoyed some nice chicken and then drove the 2 hours back to Ottawa. I have to say, I am really enjoying our proximity to Montreal.

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