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As we settle in to Ottawa, I thought a good way for us to get to know the area and all of the little towns nearby would be to check out some of the country fairs (of course I was secretly hoping for artisans and pottery, but unfortunately, these fairs were sorely lacking in artisans).

Our first stop was the Merrickville Agricultural Fair & Steam Show (since 1838).

I know. Sounds exciting, right? Well let me tell you… they had some old stuff.


And then some old stuff that was made by people with, what I can only assume, is too much time on their hands.


But I must say, Merrickville has been one of my favourite towns we’ve visited all summer and I wish it was closer to Ottawa so that it would be possible to commute back and forth.

The next fair we went to was the Vankleek Hill fair and it was wonderful! There was a lot going on at this fair and we got there just in time to check out some of the horse shows they are known for. Such as the 2 horse hitch:


And the 6 horse hitch!

Most recently we went to the Perth Fair which was also good fun. They had a 4H show, a large midway and the usual array of caged animals for the city folk to acquaint themselves with.


We also stumbled on these little horses, which made me giggle.

And we also got a chance to walk around Perth after we were done at the fair. The weather wasn’t fantastic, but Perth is very quaint and we really liked walking around on the main strip.


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