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another year older

It was my birthday on the weekend and my mom and Michael decided to come up from Magog to celebrate with me and Kirby. Some of my best birthdays have been low-key family affairs and this one was no different. On Friday I showed mom and Michael around my neighbourhood, walked the canal and did a bit of shopping. Michael made us a delicious dinner and mom and I played games. After dinner we went for gelato and a short walk at sunset.

On Saturday we packed a picnic and drove out to Wakefield to a place called Eco Odyssee which is a 6km pedal boat maze through a wetlands.

mom and michael

pedal boat

It was a lot of fun, but boy was it hot. I think next time we go we’ll wait until the fall.

me and others

me and kirby


After pedal boating we went for dinner at France and Marius’s (my aunt and uncle) in Gatineau.


We also enjoyed some lawn games. And yes, this is my husband preparing to win the game by applying the timeless strategy of  a swift, unsuspecting “mallet-tap on the rump” as the current leader (aka my mother) takes her last shot. It worked.

lawn games


On Sunday morning we decided to try out the pancake food truck located in our neighbourhood. They make a variety of pancake themed breakfast items but we opted for the “panwich” which is a breakfast sandwich served on two small, but rotund, pancakes with syrup on top. It was pretty fantastic.


pancake breakfast


Lastly, it’s been a while since Stanley has made an appearance in the blog. So to rectify this…


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