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East Coast trip – Day 2

On Sunday we were up early because we had 3 ferries to catch to get to Grand Manan. So we had a quick breakfast and coffee, packed up camp and made it to the ferry terminal for our first ferry: Campobello Island to Deer Island in the Passamaquoddy Bay. The ferry terminal constituted of a pebble beach and the ferry dock is bellow.

Ferry terminal


Our ferry was a tug boat pushing a barge and would swing out and around to push the barge in different directions.


ferry 2

It was actually a pretty cool set-up. The sail was about 30 minutes and we got to see some beautiful coastal towns.

coastal towns

About half way through the trip we came across a handful of porpoises! They are so small and so quick it’s hard to really capture them on film, but this short clip gives you a sense of them.

Then we had to drive across Deer Island to catch the ferry to L’Etete and then on to Blacks Harbour for the 11:30 sailing to Grand Manan which took about 1.5 hours and looked pretty much like this the whole time.

to Grand Manan

Once we got to Grand Manan we set up camp at the Anchorage Provincial Park and then went off exploring.

Grand Manan camp

We decided to go to the South West corner of the island and went for a hike along these incredible black cliffs.

black cliffs

black cliffs 2

The water here was one of the most beautiful shades of blue  I have ever seen and the contrast of the water with the black rock was stunning (my camera doesn’t really do a good job of capturing the colour).

blue water

After the black cliffs we drove to the opposite end of the island and hiked out to the Swallowtail Lighthouse.

light house

swallowtail lighthouse

After the light house we decided to head back to camp and we drove by this adorable Inn and sign.

cute sign

After dinner we went for a walk to catch the sunset and talk excitedly about the impending puffin tour (well I talked and Kirby acknowledged my chitter-chatter by repeating “mmhhhhmmm” and some times I’d even get an “mmHHHMMMmm.” In our books, this passes for conversation).







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