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Summer – so far

Our summer (so far) has been taken up with a lot of house hunting sprinkled with family fun. Our house hunting came close a few times, but eventually we decided to enjoy one more winter living in the city.

This Spring I was finally able to make it to Orford to help my mom plant her garden. We had hot, beautiful weather and we managed to get everything planted.

up the road


Kirby helped by making the beautiful garden labels, then mom and I got busy planting the potato crop.


blah blah

For my birthday, Sylvie and Bill bought us tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil perform Varekai here in Ottawa! They drove up from Montreal and we had lunch and played this new board game my dad introduced us to (called Ticket to Ride), which I’m hooked on. And then I found out Kirby gave me the game for my birthday, so I was really happy.

train game

And then Sylvie gave me a beautiful piece of pottery.

birthday pottery

And then we went to the show!


The following week we were in Montreal for a pool party at Bill and Sylvie’s. It’s always fun to watch Parker and Crosby play in the water.

pool time

blah blah

The week after that we were back in Orford for my aunt Edith’s 50th birthday. My family planned a surprise party at her home and even though she showed up an hour early while people were setting up, she was still surprised. My aunt France went and picked up my grandmama from the independent living complex so that she could also enjoy the party and she seemed to really enjoy herself. She was reunited with her dog and it was really sweet to see how happy they were to see each other.


And since all of my aunts and uncle were together for the party, we took the opportunity to take a picture.

the fam

Bottom row, left to right: Edith, grandmama (Cecile), Danielle, Colette (kneeling), and France

Top row, left to right: Michelle, Caroline, Pierre

It was a really nice party.

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