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Italy 2016: Capri

After three nights, we left Sorrento for Capri. The ferry was supposed to leave at 9:40am however a storm was blowing through and the water was very rough so we didn’t leave until 11:30am. The 20 minute ferry ride took us almost an hour and I’ve never seen so many people sick on a boat, nor have I ever been in a boat on such rough water.


It was all worth it once we got to Capri. This island is incredible.


To help me shake the nausea from the boat I grabbed a fresh lemon granita (slush) which are sold everywhere in this area and took a moment to enjoy it in the main piazza.


Then we wandered the village of Capri for a while. One of the beautiful things about Capri is that the village is situated high up in the hills and cars are only allowed up to the edge of town. So the streets are essentially pedestrian walk-ways with the exception of these tiny electric vehicles.


We wandered the shopping district for a while and gazed in wonder at the most high-end shops I’ve ever seen (Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, etc).


After wandering around the village we decided to explore some of the more residential areas and had a lot of fun exploring the quiet narrow streets.


Later in the day we checked in to our hotel, the Gatto Bianco. It was a simple but lovely hotel.


I even tracked down the resident white cat.


The next day we were up early and managed to walk around town a bit before grabbing the Funicolare (cable car) down to the main harbour.


It was a pretty fun ride. Then we met up with our tour coordinator, Corado, and a group from Amalfi and we got on a bus to go Anacapri, the next town over. Here is Corado  explaining something that I am likely not listening to because I’m too busy taking pictures…


I’m very glad we got to visit Anacapri. It is a bit less touristy and very beautiful.


Part of the mythology in this area is that sirens used to live near the island. Here is the siren Ozmo painted in one of the main Piazzas.


After a short walking tour around town by Corado, who used to live here, we had lunch and went back to the harbour for a boat tour of the island. This was fantastic because it gave us a whole new perspective on the geography of the island.




Capri is well known for the various grottos around the island and we had a chance to glimpse a couple of them.


After the boat tour we hopped on a ferry to Amalfi and luckily, the water was very calm and the ferry sailed without incident. We made a quick stop in Positano, which was stunning.



After Positano we landed in Amalfi where we hopped on a small bus and headed to Ravello.

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