our adventures

Autumn fun

At the end of October we went to Orford to visit my mom. While we were there, mom decided it was time to harvest the first lemon off her Myers Lemon tree.


She’s had the tree for just over a year and for while, we weren’t sure if it was going to survive. But over the summer,  4 beautiful lemons managed to ripen (and you can see some green baby lemons coming along too!).


So we picked the lemon and made a delicious pie.


The week after Orford, it was our 9 year anniversary so we decided to celebrate at the Keg with a nice meal.


About a week later, for the Remembrance Day weekend, we went to Toronto. On the Thursday night I went to see Loreena McKennitt at Massey Hall with my cousin Hollis. It was a beautiful show and I was so glad to see it with Hollis.


We spent the next day with our friends Jessica and Jeremy and their daughter Emilia. At one point we put on music and Emilia insisted on changing in to her dance outfit and performed interpretive dance for us for almost half an hour.


The next day we drove down to Niagara Falls on our way to Saratoga Springs. Kirby and I both hadn’t been to Niagara since we were kids, so we were kind of excited to see them again. Just look how excited Kirby is.


And yep, that’s a lot of water.


So we moved on and drove across up-state NY which was pretty boring for the most part, although there was a really pretty sunset.


Once we got to Saratoga Springs we checked in to our AirBnB, wandered around downtown, had dinner and killed some time before the comedy show. The reason we were in Saratoga Springs was to see a stand-up comic we really liked called Gary Gulman. Two local comics opened the night for him and were actually quite funny.


It was really interesting to see stand-up comedy in such a small venue, there were maybe 100 people in the club, and Gary made us laugh and laugh.



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