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I went to Saskatoon

It’s true, I went to Saskatoon. And unlike most people from Ottawa who have to travel to Saskatoon for work, I was really looking forward to it. Partly, because I was looking forward to the seminar I was attending for work, but mostly, because I was looking forward to seeing Heather and Emerson. They picked me up at the airport and gave me the grand tour of the city.img_3247

Look, it’s Saskatoon!


We had a nice brunch at Emerson’s favourite place and then did a little shopping.


After a lovely afternoon together, I checked in to my hotel and ordered room service for the first time in my life. I was so excited to eat pizza in bed while watching TV without having to worry about getting in trouble for getting crumbs in bed.


In the morning, I got a nice picture of the sunrise from my room.


The day after I got back was Kirby’s birthday so we went for dinner at this great little restaurant that a friend recommended called the Side Door. The food was delicious.


And even though we were stuffed, we shared the donut sample plate because let’s face it, it’s not a birthday without dessert. And they were amazing.


And on Friday we came home from work to find poor Stanley looking really unwell, sticking his little tongue out and not pulling it back in. After 3.5 hours at the veterinary emergency hospital we found out that he has a really bad infected molar. We were given 3 different medications for him and sent home to follow up with our regular vet. So our poor little kitty will be out of it for a few more days and then will go in for surgery on Thursday to get the tooth removed.


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