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Life is sweet

We’ve had a warm snap over the last week which prompted my family to tap the maple trees. Kirby and I had planned a visit so he could go skiing before we realized the weather was going to be this warm, but I was really excited to finally be in Orford for the tapping of the trees. Kirby headed off to Jay Peak in Vermont for some early spring skiing and mom and I headed up to the caban a sucre on a breezy +12 morning.


There was a bit of chaos when we first arrived as there were quite a few of us who were eager for our assignments.


Luckily I got to go with my uncle Pierre and watch the pro at work.


There was quite a bit of snow and I regretted not wearing snow shoes.


The maples were definitely ready to be tapped and most of them started dripping right away.


Because the weather is expected to get cold again, they won’t start boiling the water to make maple syrup until it warms up again. The hope is that the water we’ve already collected will stay frozen until the time comes to start boiling.

In the afternoon, Pierre pulled out a bottle of maple syrup and started boiling it to make la tire. We all picked our pallets of choice and impatiently paced in the caban waiting for it to be ready. In the meantime, I took this shot of these gorgeous posers.


And then my cousin Matthew showed up who’s been living in Golden, BC for the last 6 years and was in town visiting for a couple weeks. I hadn’t seen him in 15 years so it was a really nice surprise.


And Pierre kept us all very satisfied with a seemingly endless stream of tire.


It was incredible.


Later that night we had Caroline and Pete and Matthew over for dinner and we had a wonderful impromptu family feast.


It’s weekends like this that leave my heart feeling full. Life is sweet indeed.

One comment on “Life is sweet

  1. Danielle
    February 26, 2017

    Really nice way to put it

    Envoyé de mon iPad


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