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I went to Washington, too

Gab had a work workshop in Washington this past September and this time I tagged along! On the day of our departure, we rushed home and then to the airport to catch our 6pm flight out of Ottawa. The sky was very beautiful that evening.


Once in Washington, we caught a cab from the airport and headed to the hotel for check-in. This was promptly followed by a journey to Popeyes to, you know, see how it compares. Bellies full of delicious chicken and exhausted from our busy day, we hit the hay early, excited for the day to follow.

We awoke early Wednesday morning and I walked Gab to her workshop, stopping to get breakfast and coffee along the way. I then headed back to the hotel to get ready for my day. After showering and lathering on a rather copious amount of sunscreen (it was ridiculously hot in DC for the two days we were there) I headed off into the unknown.

The first thing that struck me about Washington was the architecture. It was very oppressive in nature. Like a government trying to assert its legitimacy.


My first stop was the National Gallery of Art. What a place! I saw art by da Vinci…


…van Gogh…




…and many, many others. What a place.

After the gallery, I headed over to the aerospace museum. Lucky for me, it was just a short walk across the mall lawn. The view to my left…


…and the view to my right.


Much like the gallery, the aerospace museum was mind blowing. It was full of all the important pieces of aerospace history. The plane that Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in was hanging from the ceiling, I walked past the module that took the first American into orbit around the planet, and I saw the Spirit of St. Louis, that famous plane that took Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris in the first ever transatlantic flight. Nevertheless, as a fan of World War II aircraft, my favourite part of the museum was the WWII display.


Actually, I lied. This was my favourite part (the Wright Brothers built bicycles before dabbling in aircraft).


Reeling from what I had just seen, I realized I was running behind and needed to get moving if I was going to meet Gab back at the hotel for 4:30pm. We had plans to grab a quick bite to eat and then catch the tour bus we had booked for the evening. On our way to the bus stop, we passed the most famous building in Washington.


And yes, we did get to see the Donald.


When we got to the bus stop, there was a huge line-up of people already waiting. Nevertheless, they had plenty of buses and we got a seat!


The tour bus was great! In about two hours they managed to show us all of the important sites around downtown Washington. Even better, our tour guide began and ended every sentence with “ladies and gentleman”. Ladies and gentleman, we saw the Capital Building, ladies and gentleman.


And the Lincoln Memorial, ladies and gentleman.


And, ladies and gentleman, we saw the Washington Monument, ladies and gentleman.


After the tour came to end, Gab and I headed back to the hotel to watch TV in bed before turning in for the night. Gab had another workshop the next day and I had big plans of my own.

After again walking Gab to work, having a shower, and lathering myself in sunscreen (it was so hot), I headed out for day two of my adventure. The first stop was another Gallery, The Phillips Collection. Not really sure what I was going to see, and just happy that I didn’t have to pay to get in, I was blown away by the art for a second day in a row. This time I saw Adams…




…and you guessed it, more van Gogh. I looked at this painting for a long time.


Enough art already! I had plans, I had to get going. Watch out for the Scientologists though.


A short walk from the gallery and I was at my destination. Tattoo Paradise!


I had set up an appointment with Nikki “Balls” Lugo to get a tattoo I have been wanting to get for a long time. This ones for you mom.


Thanks Washington!

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