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2012 vacation: part 6 – The Road Home

After Napa we drove to Redding for the night to put us in good position to be home on Friday, a day early. On our way to Redding we realized we were driving through an area that had recently had a forest fire and that we were driving directly toward a large forest fire.





It made for an interesting sky.


And a nice sunset as we pulled in to Redding.


The last night of our trip we spent in Seaside, Oregon. It was dark by the time we pulled in and we went to see the ocean. It was really strange walking toward the ocean in the dark when you can hear the waves crashing but can’t actually see anything. It makes the world feel really big.


One comment on “2012 vacation: part 6 – The Road Home

  1. kelly
    September 9, 2012

    Looks like you guys had an amazing vacation!

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