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2014 odds & ends

The other day I was thinking to myself that it’s too bad that many of the fun things we did in 2014 didn’t make it on our blog. For the most part, the reason for this is because we didn’t get enough pictures from an occasion to make a full blog post (or the pictures we took just didn’t turn out). So I thought, why not write a 2014 retrospective post? So that’s what this is, highlights from 2014 that didn’t quite make it in to other blog posts.

To begin, 2014 featured Kirby sporting a spectacular beard and Stanley reaching new heights of cuteness.


We were also lucky enough to get to hang out with these two while they were in Ottawa with Larry and Sarah.


In the Spring we visited Jessica and Jeremy in Toronto where their daughter Emilia displayed the same fascination with Kirby that all kids seem to have.

Emilia and Kirby

Kirby and Emilia

In May we went to Montreal for Sylvie’s birthday.


During the summer we went to the Ottawa Ferrari festival but only took pictures of a Lamborghini.


In July we went to Bill and Sylvie’s for a pool party where Crosby was neither amused nor pleased that he was being photographed while being “twirled.”

Bill and Crosby

In August we did a day trip to Val David to a giant pottery show called 1001 Pots. It was incredible.

1001 Pots

A big highlight of the summer for me was when I finally managed to sprout my first avocado seed.


Which of course Stanley promptly chewed up. But it bounced back.

Avocado 2

In October we were lucky to have Don and Elayne visit for Thanks Giving and we cooked the biggest turkey I have ever had in my kitchen.

The Tarzwells

In November my mom and I went to see Sarah McLachlan, which was incredible.

The day after the concert I got to travel to Vancouver for work and luckily, Kelly was also in town so I got to have TWO nights with Nell and Kelly.

Vancouver visit

And of course, then it was Christmas.


2014 certainly was an eventful year.

Happy couple

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