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2016 Summer catch-up

In the grand-scheme of things, we’ve had a pretty quiet summer; we didn’t have any big camping trips or much time off. But we did take advantage of our weekends and got up to something almost every weekend. For example, we found a new swimming hole this summer out in Burnstown Beach on the Madawaska River. We were here quite often.


In August our friends Kelly and Eric visited from Victoria and it was fun showing them around the city.


In early September we finally made it to the National Gallery of Canada to see the Picasso exhibit. I’m always taken by the beauty of this Gallery.



The Picasso exhibit was interesting and Kirby enjoyed himself.


Here is Kirby giving me a look because I kept taking pictures where I wasn’t supposed to take pictures.


Aside from Kirby’s scathing look, you might also notice how empty the exhibit is. We practically had the place to ourselves. Which certainly was not the case when we went downstairs to the Vigee Le Brun exhibit.


This exhibit was very popular. Vigee Le Brun was the portrait painter for Marie Antoinette. This was one of my favourites.


After the Gallery we went for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in town called the Smoque Shack. Here we see Kirby picking all of the healthy food off his burger.


This summer Glen and Sylvia (our landlords) had us out to their cottage again. Kirby and Glen had a nice swim off their dock and then they fed us a nice bbq dinner. They are such kind and generous people.


In September we went to Montreal for the tattoo convention again. While Kirby was getting his tattoo, Bill and I played a quick game of pool and went to a movie. Of course, Bill kicked my ass.


Then, in late September we attended Folk Fest again. The line-up wasn’t as exciting as it was last year, so we spent most of our time coming and going and catching little bits of shows here and there.


Saturday we had planned on spending the whole afternoon, but the rain started just after lunch so we went a bit later than expected. It rained very steadily. Here is Kirby trying to eat a grilled cheese sandwich in the rain.


We caught some good shows, one of which was Vance Joy, which the crowd went crazy over.


This weekend we went for a drive to check out the fall colours and stock up on our favourite hand-made soap. The trees were just starting to change.


And Opeongo Soaps were just as good as we remembered. They make their soap with goats milk from their small roaming tribe of goats and from rain water.


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